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Young entrepreneur, digital designer, Founder and CEO of Chickpea, a venture-backed startup designed to help early stage companies thrive in a new media landscape. Meet Miles Hatton on his day to day at the house.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your business?

A: Growth and adaptation. Chickpea is a growth marketing engine that is always evolving, always diversifying, always growing. My team and I must always have the foresight to decipher what intelligent growth means for our clients, for our partners, and for us. Uncovering this growth puzzle with a systematic approach combined with a disruptive mindset is something that I greatly enjoy.

Q: What do you consider your biggest achievements so far?

A: To me, success is a continuous byproduct, not a destination. Achievement, in this view, is therefore a process, not an outcome. Through this lens, my biggest achievement has been and always will be seeing people as their most vulnerable self. We are nurtured from a very young age to think that business is this complex game of strategy and logistics - that it’s reserved for only a select few who can outwit all the others. I see executives and founders who are obsessed with trying to figure out what their competitor’s next move is, who spend hours trying to craft the perfect email, who try to be as calculated as possible in all situations. They forget that the world isn’t about numbers or story boards or strategies, it’s about people. When you see people as their most vulnerable self, you don’t need to waste your time trying to discover your competitor's next move - it all becomes very clear. When you see people as their most vulnerable self, the whole world changes. This has been my biggest achievement, and it has opened the door to many early successes that I quite literally would not have been able to imagine.

Q: Everyone has their own thing, what do you like to do for yourself?

A: Night walks and runs. I go for walks and runs almost every night around 11 PM - 1 AM. A few nights a week, I’ll run from my apartment in WeHo to the train station, and then take the red line to a random stop in DTLA. If I miss the last train, I’ll grab food in KTown then catch a Lyft home. 

Q: What time of day do you enjoy the most?

A: Any time past midnight. When everyone else is sleeping, I’m out running, I’m reading, I’m on calls with some of my clients in India and my engineers in Johannesburg. To me, real growth happens when no one is watching.

Q: What will be your next big challenge?

A: In the last year, we’ve created a massive growth marketing engine - this is a huge toolkit of services, software, audiences, and apps that we own to help our clients acquire more users, generate more leads, grow their revenue etc. As we secure new partnerships and add new technologies to our line up, it’s time to take all of our products to market and continue to diversify. Continuing our culture of extremely rapid growth and adaption is something that I foresee will be a challenge as we scale, however, I have unwavering confidence in my team to preserve these principles in the coming 2-3 years.