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Bita Milanian, SVP Global Marketing at Ribbon @ribboncomm

Founder/President of Butterfly Buzz @bflybuzz

Curator of BITA’s KITCHEN @bitakitchenofficia

For the viewers at home, what does SVP Global Marketing mean? Founder/President of Butterfly Buzz @bflybuzz? Curator of BITA’s KITCHEN @bitakitchenofficia? In other words, what are your responsibilities as SVP Global Marketing? Founder/President of Butterfly Buzz @bflybuzz? Curator of BITA’s KITCHEN @bitakitchenofficia

As the SVP of Global Marketing @ribboncomm, (Nasdaq: RBBN), a global software leader in secure and intelligent cloud communications, I lead the company’s marketing and communications strategies including public/media relations, tradeshows & events, digital campaigns, lead-gen & more.

With @bflybuzz I fulfill my passion to give back to my community through art, culture and philanthropy by producing/promoting world-changing projects

And @bitakitchenofficial is my passion project that has quickly become a community effort to unite people through food; my recent project #ImmigrantDinners has taken off and received tremendous response


   How did you decide to pursue all of this?

I am a 23-year veteran of telecommunication industry with a strong network of contacts; I was recruited to work for what is now Ribbon by one of my former CEOs for whom I worked back in 2000-2001, after proudly running a prominent non-profit based in Los Angeles for five years, as its founding Executive Director (Farhang Foundation). I was ready to return to the for-profit world to continue learning and growing.

What is your morning routine? 

My days start super early. I am the only employee of 2,000+ based in Los Angeles who telecommutes, so I need to catch up with my team and colleagues around the world, as I sip on my Nespresso. That is if I am not traveling.

Can you name a professional highlight of 2019? 2018? 

Ribbon is the result of the merger of Sonus and GENBAND. My team and I were responsible of the rename, rebrand and launch of the new joint company; something I am super proud of. A truly rewarding and fulfilling experience. #WeAreRibbon  

What do you enjoy most about your line of work? 

Meeting new and interesting people around the world and continuing to expand my vast network that has been my greatest asset in my career.

What do you like to do for fun? Hobbies? 

I love dancing and cooking.  #BitaKitchen speaks for itself and Salsa / Latin Hustle among other styles of dance are my other sources of energy given my hectic work life. I have also competed as an amateur at various dance sport competitions.


What did you want to be when you grew up? How did that play out? 

I grew up in Iran till the age of 13 before we left as refugees to Germany and then immigrated to the U.S. exactly 30 years ago.  My childhood and teenage years were spent in revolution, war and refugee environments, so thinking about what I want to be when I grow up was not on my radar. BUT having experienced all those adversities made me stronger to succeed in life and to never give up; all a huge contributor to my success.

What is your current dream travel destination? 

I have been to so many parts of the world, but Latin America is on top of my bucket list today! Especially Argentina and Brazil.

 What is your favorite part about working at Hills Penthouse West Hollywood?

 love the setting; it feels like home yet allows me to focus and get work done, while being surrounded by creative, hip and kind people!