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Members Events:                      Stripped Beauty Profile

Members Events: Stripped Beauty Profile

On June 12th we had the pleasure of having Stripped beauty and their CEO Melissa Arpino at Thompson Square Studios, where she showcased her incredible, all-natural beauty products to members. We interviewed Melissa about her company and her products. Keep reading for the full interview.

What do you enjoy most about your line of work? What continues to inspire you?

I really enjoy being able to help people who suffer with skin conditions/acne and be able to share with them the power of nature. I love being able to provide affordable products. It's so important to me that I can share quality ingredients with people who may not be able to afford the luxury lines. The best feeling in the entire world is hearing how my products have helped people with their skin and self esteem. When you see results, you feel good and that's something that continues to inspire me. There's a difference between the products being made to work and having them actually work. When people with eczema or those little bumps on their arms tell me how they've gone away using my products, it gives me the biggest feeling of happiness and motivation. When I read reviews or receive feedback, it drives me to push even harder or reformulate to make my products better.

Could you tell us more about how you became the CEO of your own company at such a young age?

My mom has always been in the skincare industry. She has formulated for many big brands and has her own local line that has been around for roughly 8 years. I've always had very acne prone skin and started getting into natural skincare when I went to college and saw amazing results. I used a little bit of what I knew from my advertising classes and turned to my mom to help me create the best natural products that we possibly could. It was a very long process figuring out all the business details and creating a brand while in college but it's something that I really enjoyed doing and would sometimes find myself working on my website instead of doing homework. Being only 20 definitely has its advantages and disadvantages. It's super easy for me to utilize social media and other marketing aspects but knowing how to use them definitely does not equate to experience. It's a learning process and a wild journey but I'm super glad I chose to start it.

If you had to pick a favorite product what would it be?

It's so hard to choose a favorite product! If I had to choose though, it would probably be our Retexturing Clay Mask. This was the first mask I really knew I wanted to have in my line and my mom and I worked so hard to perfect it. I love the texture, the refreshing feeling, and the fact that it's pink. Rose clay is one of my favorite clays because it's gentle enough for most skin types and has so many benefits like removing dead skin cells, improving skin clarity, helps to fade fine lines and wrinkles, and so much more!

Let me introduce myself, I'm Melissa and I've struggled with acne my entire life. It honestly feels like I've tried just about every over-the-counter salicylic acid wash there is. Nothing wanted to work for me and "drinking plenty of water," like the gurus all swear by, just wasn't cutting it. When I started college, I got into natural skincare. I switched over to using clay masks and jojoba oil for my breakouts and finally started to see the results that I wanted. I started making my own face products, which inspired me to start my own skincare line. I turned to my mom, who has been a cosmetic chemist most of her life and together we spent month after month, testing the best formulations that we could make, suitable for all skin types. Together, we created Stripped Beauty.

At Stripped Beauty, we’re tired of chemicals, synthetic formulas, and overpriced products. We've stripped our formulas down to the fundamental basics in order to treat your skin with the beautifying powers of raw, natural ingredients. There's no need to sacrifice quality for affordability, which is why we’ve made our products as pure and affordable as possible. We’re here to make a stand in the beauty industry and what skincare should be, natural.

Acne is normal, it makes us human, and trust us, we know what it's like to struggle with breakouts. Containing absolutely NO parabens, sulfates or toxins, our products moisturize skin and prevent acne without exposing you to harsh chemicals or synthetics. When we say “stripped,” we mean it. Show your skin some love! After all, you absorb up to 60% of everything that you put on your skin.

If you are interested in learning more you can head over to https://strippedbeauty.com

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